Imani Headshot - compressed

Author: Adiki Puplampu

Date: 1 February 2023


As a returning ELITE intern, Imani Murray was excited to dive into a new learning opportunity with her 2022 summer internship. Her first time in the ELITE Program, Imani spent the summer working in a biomedical engineering laboratory. This summer she took her skills and passion for healthcare to Alberta Health Services (AHS) working with their Strategic Clinical Networks (SCNs).

Composed of clinicians, operational leaders, researchers, community and industry partners, patients, and families, the goal of the SCNs is to improve healthcare outcomes for all Albertans. At the SCNs, Imani worked as a project coordinator for the SCN Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Approach. The purpose of the approach is to determine how best to engage with marginalized, vulnerable and racialized communities and bring their voices to the SCN planning table. This vital work is driven by the need to ensure that all perspectives are considered in the development of health policies and programs.

In this role, done remotely, Imani had the chance to facilitate stakeholder meetings, lead small group discussions, and write consultation reports. Despite the remote nature of her work, Imani was excited to find that she still had the opportunity to network with physicians and learn more about the healthcare system from a non-clinical perspective.

Currently in the fourth year of a physiology degree with interests in neurobiology and neurophysiology, Imani’s goal is to pursue a career in medicine and specifically neurosurgery. After seeing family members experience poor neurological health outcomes, Imani is determined to join the field and be the representation she wants to see in healthcare. One of the winners of last year’s RBC Future Launch Scholarship, Imani has already accomplished so much outside of the ELITE Program, and we can’t wait to see what she does next!

“My experience [in] the program is one that has changed my whole perspective of what it means to be a student in STEM. From my first internship in a Biomedical Engineering Laboratory to now working in the larger healthcare organization of AHS, I have seen that you can grow in your focused field of study by doing work outside of your field. While it may seem conflicting/contradictory, I understand that by accumulating a diverse skill set, you can do and accomplish unimaginable things that will ultimately be of use to you and your future endeavors.”